Start a new career online: A way to proceed through challenging times!

Do you experience challenges in your career due to Covid-19 or have you perhaps lost it completely? In the greatest challenge for humanity since World War II, it is the everyday life of many. It was like that for me too, but then I made an important choice. Here I tell you what did and how you can do too.

What happened,…

2020 has been challenging for many, not least when it comes to work. I myself started a new career as supply chain manager just before the pandemic broke out. Everything proceed, I enjoyed working with my colleagues and was happy to have found something that could be my path in the future. In addition, it was a good refuge to be able to go through a difficult divorce and handle the surging emotions.

The company had however, made losses for long time and I experienced a shortage of work from a fairly early stage. But the days and weeks passed and so it continued until the day when the message came. My employment with the company should come to an end after the probationary period of six months. The company didn´t have the resources to let me stay and due to the corona pandemic they didn’t see any possible increase in sales in the foreseeable future..

…made me choose,…

When I had just got the message that my employment would come to an end, I felt depressed. First divorce and then termination of the job, 2020 really offers challenges, I thought. Those of I my friends that I called just after the message, thought the same while they gave me their full support.

But when they substituted support with feeling sorry for me, I started to think. I thought about the situation and compared pros and cons. “How good are you Mikael? Single, the best possible business tools, a good network, plenty of time and an indomitable will to succeed. Can it get better? This is THE CHANCE OF YOUR LIFE to get where you want in career and lifestyle, JUST GO OUT AND TAKE IT!”


So I decided to become a digital entrepreneur and now I work with things I am passionate about. It gives me the freedom to choose my lifestyle, where I work and when and how much money I make. For the first time ever, I experience that what I do has a greater purpose where the money I make is a bi-product. I feel very grateful to have taken the step and even though I face challenges, I am carried by my vision and strong work ethics.

…and proceed along the new exciting path!

So if you answered “YES!” to the introductory question, I hope my story has inspired you to find out more. To do so, press the button below and enter your details. You will then get a video series where you will get ideas and guidance on how you can succeed as a digital entrepreneur. I hope it is rewarding and look forward to welcome you into our community and follow your development in what you have a passion for.

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