How to proceed in your career or business – even in challenging times!


Do you experience challenges due to the Corona pandemic or do you feel stagnation and reduced satisfaction in your career or business? The pandemic is considered the greatest challenge for humanity since World War II and I have the deepest sympathy for all affected. I myself got a challenged due to the pandemic at the same time as I felt that I was no longer growing in my career. Then selected to make it a fantastic opportunity, you will soon find out what I did and how you can do it too.

What happened,…

The final situation of choice came when my employment ended. This due to lack of work, years of poor profitability and no turnaround expected due to the corona pandemic. However, I had long experienced that I did not progress as I wanted in my career. Despite lengthy recruitment processes where I did my best, I ended up with either a “Thanks but no thanks!” or an employment where I sooner or later experienced a lack of satisfaction of some kind. That lack had also led to our marriage failing so my emotions were all over the place. To control them, I had focused rocksteady on the work but now that opportunity was suddenly gone.

…made me choose,…

When I had just been informed that the employment would end, I first felt depressed. I made a few calls, thought about the situation and compared the pros or cons. However, it was not long before I made the decision to make this the chance of my life and a fantastic opportunity.

…make a change…

So I decided to go from employee to digital entrepreneur and I am now working on building my own business in something I am passionate about. I build a lifestyle I like, I feel a purpose and I decide by myself how much I earn, where I live and how I work. I am extremely grateful to have taken the step and even though I face challenges, I trust my good work ethic, great passion, strong will and ambition to succeed.

…and proceed along the new exciting path!

So if you answered “YES!” on the introductory question, I hope my story has inspired you to find out more. To do so, press the button below and enter your name and email address. Then you will participate in a presentation with my mentor Stuart Ross who is making a fantastic journey himself. I hope it is rewarding, look forward to welcome you into our community and see you grow in something you have a passion for.

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