Just Do It! How to overcome perfectionism and take action

When starting a business you face situations, problem or a challenges where you have to analyze and figure out a solution. For me as an engineer this is a kind of core skill to bring with me and so far it’s good. But it can be that it come hand in hand with the habit of perfectionism, to overdo and delay the solution. This can cause procrastination, something that’s closely related to bad self confidence. This has been my greatest challenge during the startup and the habit I have worked most to overcome in order to achieve the success I want so dearly. Below I present the steps I have taken,

Encourage yourself

Write down your goals every morning and every evening. This will keep you encouraged if you are enough obsessed to achieve them and your subconscious mind will work with them even when you sleep.

Good is good enough

If you know the basics you can always get a message out. This is very applicable when you speak a foreign language. Don’t worry that much about grammar and pronunciation, just talk and have fun. Practice makes perfect and at the end you will speak fluently.

You are only human

Accept yourself for who you are. Anyone can make mistakes and you have more qualities and greatness within you than you can ever imagine.

Trial and error

If you do anything and fail, learn from it and try again. A failure is just another step towards success.

Compare yourself to yourself

There are many ways to success but there is no guarantee that what works for you may work for someone else.  Set up your goals, figure out how to achieve them and then take action. Measure the progress daily and you will see that you come closer.

By doing this you should have put yourself in the situation when you are ready to make the jump, push the throttle forward, start to roll and take action. Very soon you will be on a really exciting journey, build a business you love and get the freedom to design your lifestyle.I wish you a warm welcome and look forward to follow you on your journey.  

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