How to create an expat life the new way

Have you in any way experienced life as an expat and how fantastic it can be with high salaries, good benefits and a comfortable lifestyle? I did that during the good years in telecom and after the crash, my big goal has been to recreate that lifestyle. Now I have found the way and here I tell my story and about the way I have chosen.

My life as an expat

As I write this, my senses are flooded with wonderful feelings and memories as these are the anniversary days for my first trip to Thailand and what should be the beginning of my expat life. Even though 24 years have passed, I clearly remember what happened and how I felt. The excitement before the departure, the joy of flying Boeing 747-400 with Thai, the fatigue at the landing at Don Muang, the arrival to Bangkok and the first days with the impressions, the heat, the smells, the sounds, etc.

Working abroad and becoming an expat had been my goal since high school and telecom was a good way. At the beginning of my career, I was two weeks away from arranging an assignment in Kuwait. Saddam Hussein, however, was a little faster and invaded Kuwait just before I could have departed. Instead, I worked a few years with shorter assignments in other countries before I finally left for Thailand and stayed there for almost 2 years.

The golden age that came to an end

From Thailand, my expat session continued to Egypt and Portugal. The opportunities were really good because of major infrastructure expansions around the world. The demand for foreign competence was seemingly endless and the conditions very favorable. So I lived my best life and after Portugal I managed a few shorter assignments and reached a dozen countries during my career.

The longing to return

After the crash, I got an education in logistics and wanted to go out again as an expat. However, doing so in a large company proved to be much more challenging than before. Telecom was no longer as lucrative and no other industry could offer something similar. In addition, the demand for Western skills had decreased as other parts of the world caught up. Many nations could therefore offer at least equal resources and also at a lower price. Thus I had to continue to search for other ways to get out.

New conditions

So far I have only written about the positives of expat life but of course there is also the opposite. The fact that others dictate the terms is an element that I strongly disliked. That and the feeling that your whole existence is in the hands of someone else are phenomena that I often wanted to get away from. The goal was therefore to recreate the lifestyle and that it would happen on my terms and as independently as possible by others.

A passion is the best foundation for building a successful business and my passion is precisely the international lifestyle I had as an expat. It is also closely linked to my interests in health, golf, travel and vehicles.

The way forward

Our contacts with expat life can be different. You can – like me – have been an expat and like the lifestyle. You can also be an expat and want to be more independent or accompanying and want to have something meaningful to do. Or have you heard or seen how people live abroad, been inspired and decided to do the same. You then have the chance to start your creation already here by pressing the button and entering your information. You will then receive a presentation with one of my mentors which I hope will give you further inspiration. I look forward to hear from you and work with you to create your new path forward.

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