How I stopped worrying about what people will think

When we decide to go for our goals and dreams, we have to act in new ways and do things differently. And when doing things differently it is very common that we end up with negative thoughts. “What will people think? Will someone get disappointed? What if I fail?” are examples of thoughts who can turn up.

These thoughts cause me a lot of anger and frustration. They hold back plenty of good ideas, ambition and development. They prevents freedom and make many wonderful dreams end up as just dreams. I could mentioning many more reasons for that anger and frustrations but probably the biggest reason is that I have been there myself.

Actually one of my biggest obstacles in life has been to overcome these kind of negative thoughts. From early years I was namely taught that my main role in life was to make other people happy. I should let other people take first and get the best, be happy with the little, follow the stream and don’t stand out. If I didn’t behave like that I would make someone sad and disappointed – and it was considered as a mortal sin.

For several years I followed those teachings and to some extend my dreams and visions came true. But at the end it proved that to manifest my ambitions and live my life fully, I had to break up from that kind of thinking.

I had already proved that I am a man with strong willpower and now it was time to put it to the ultimate test. For a while I expected it to be hard but the first spark came when I asked myself:

Mikael, who’s life do you live for real?

My conclusion was that I lived the life of someone else. A life I believed that other people expected from me but for real was just my own stupid beliefs. Thinking about other people who live and have lived like that, I decided to change and live my own life. With the decision made the second and definite spark turned up as a new wonderful thought:

A happy and satisfied chef cooks delicious food that others can also enjoy!

It became a kind of mantra for me and gave me a wonderful feeling of relief and freedom. It cracked down my biggest obstacle so I could eventually start to build the life I want to live according to my conditions.

So to those of you who are held back by the “What will people think” anchor, I recommend to read the mantra again:

A happy and satisfied chef cooks delicious food that others can also enjoy!

Hopefully you will also get a wonderful feeling of relief and freedom and start to live your live to the fullest with joy, happiness and freedom.

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