Has your career stalled or do you feel frustrated about your job? Then you should check further here.

A career can offer great satisfaction and provide an opportunity to live your best life. But if it stalls, it can cause enormous frustration and, in the worst case, a broken self-image. It happened to me until I decided to look for other solutions and found an absolutely fantastic opportunity to move on.

My career and wishes for the future

My name is Mikael Nilsson, I am a logistics specialist and have professional experience from 5 industries and 12 countries. I understand the connection between technology, finance and marketing, I speak 4 languages and have a master’s degree in logistics from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. I have lots of energy, am a skilled and positive team player who like to motivate and strengthen my colleagues.

My career consists of two parts where telecom is the first. Assignments in 12 countries made me grow both professionally and as a person and greatly enjoy the life. Thus I looked forward to do something similar after the telecom crash when I had graduated and started a new career in logistics. But instead, a long period of frustration followed over not finding the right path. I felt like I had ended up in a dead end with tasks that did not match my skills and a lifestyle that I did not enjoy at all.

My lessons about the labor market … and myself

One contributing factor was the labor market, which I feel is – at least in Sweden – characterized by fear. Those of us who are 50+ are automatically removed in the recruitment processes and it is more or less impossible to meet people for personal meetings. Managers are often very fearful, bound by strict policies and complicated decision-making paths.

Another reason is that I as a “born employee” lacked the leadership I had during the time in telecom. That time to work abroad was written into my career plan and became reality when the opportunity turned up. In my new career, I had neither a career plan nor any real leader who could show me the way. With the results in hand, I understand that I myself would have taken that leadership and made sure that it turned out the way I wanted.   

The search for another solution

With an increasing frustration over career, job and lifestyle, I started to look for solutions outside the corporate world where I had been looking that far. In the end, I managed to find the path that gives me both practical tools, a global community and the personal development that I needed and need to move forward.

My new way forward

As a digital entrepreneur, I am now fully proceeding with the building of a business that I can run from anywhere. I feel an increasing satisfaction, have recreated my self-image and feel that I am on my way to live my very best life with big and fast steps. It has also a lot in common with the life I lived when I worked abroad in telecom.

Now it’s your turn

So if you feel that your career has stalled, you feel frustrated and maybe even discriminated in the job market, then I have good news. If you press the button below and enter your details, you will be able to take part in the free video series that became the beginning of my turn around and a new way forward. I wish you good luck and look forward to welcome you to our community.

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