About me

The engineer who restarted his expat life and gained new qualities:
“I went from non-confident and stuck in the corporate world to being
entrepreneur with a rewarding business, self-confidence and freedom
- all by utilizing the power of the internet, my interests and experiences.

“It’s really meaningful to inspire people to make a change
and create a business giving the life quality they really want!”

Hello and welcome, my name is Mikael Nilsson. I am digital entrepreneur with interest in golf, health, traveling  and entrepreneurship.

Being a digital entrepreneur I have the foundation in place for a modern expat lifestyle. The more traditional version I experienced during the golden years of telecom until the telecom crash put it on hold.

My way out in the world started in a village in northern Sweden in the 1960s. The upbringing was characterized by a passion for flying, a strong technical interest and the advice to study hard and get a secure job in a big company.

My interest in the world was launched before preschool by my grandfather who read the fairy tale the Nightingale for me. My mum made it grow by telling me about an acquaintance who worked all over the world as a telecom engineer.

Those stories and dad's declarations of his uninspiring job as a factory worker, worked perfectly to keep the future high school engineer motivated to study.

After graduation, a career in telecom became a perfect match with my interest in travel. I had interesting and rewarding assignments where I visited a large part of Sweden and an even larger part of Thailand. I strolled along Ströget in Copenhagen and climbed the ski jump in Holmenkollen in Oslo.

I took a sauna in Helsinki, threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and filmed airplanes at Schiphol in Amsterdam. I rode elephants in Thailand and camels around the pyramids of Giza. I visited Europe's westernmost point outside of Lisbon, the Southfork Range in Dallas and the Blue Lagoon in Jamaica.

Around Jakarta, Bangkok and Dallas I played golf on nice courses. I visited exciting places, met interesting people and got a plenty of lovely memories.

In Egypt I rode behind Muammar Gaddafi in a procession of 25 limousines during his state visit. It was a journey at a speed comparable to the one we kept through a Jakarta in a state of emergency. Or from the mountain village in Jamaica where residents showed with machetes, baseball bats and threatening looks what they thought of our presence.

Of the countries have I listed, I consider Thailand as my second home country. I love the people, know the country and the culture. I speak the language fluently and above all I have a son who was born there. On a golf course in Bangkok also experienced an important wakeup call regarding thinking around money and finances.

With a high salary, I appeared to have done everything right to be rich, but on the golf course I understood that was not the case. The co-players came in new Mercedes while I drove a 10-year-old Volvo.

Apparently there was something I was missing and on a shelf in a bookstore it was written what it was:

"What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money, That the Poor And Middle Class Do Not."

It was the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and reading it initiated a total makeover of my way of thinking. I understood that a high salary did not mean that I was rich, it required that I learned some new things.

At the same time as I got that insight, things started to get shaky both in the telecom industry and in the world. However, I managed to see some of the downsides of expat life with backbiting, insecurity and unreasonable demands before everything crashed.

With expat life put on pause, travel became almost non-existent. At the same time, I would eventually start and complete two other trips that over time became my most important.

One took me from overweight, tired and frustrated to at 50+ living with my ideal weight and the same size, energy and appetite for life as when I was 20.

The other has taken me from insecure and stuck in meaningless employments at larger companies to becoming an entrepreneur with my own meaningful business, self-confidence and freedom.

Regarding health, I started my journey after slowly but surely gaining weight for many years. Eventually I had reached the state of overweight and did not recognize myself when I looked in the mirror.

The happy, kind and slim guy who had traveled all over the world had become a grumpy old man - a pre-dette who lived a life he didn't like at all. The way to that life had begun when the telecom industry crashed. As much as I loved the expat lifestyle, I hated returning to a life in Sweden.

I then tried to create new conditions to get out into the world again. I studied at university, got a master's degree and changed my career to logistics. I expected to get a good job at the right position in a big company. But no matter how I tried, it didn't work the way I wanted. Instead, I had to be happy to get a job at all and the jobs I got were not at all the ones I was trained for. I was often overqualified, quickly got bored and increasingly frustrated.

Finally, I decided that enough was enough and decided to change my life. And Michael Jackson himself told me how to start:

”I am starting with the man in the mirror.”

Two numbers showed that I was on the wrong way when it came to my health. One was the weight and the other I found out through a good friend who made a test on me.

With good guidance, good products and - according to friends - "commitment" as my middle name, I took action. Once at the goal, I had lost a total of 27 kg, of which the last 20 in 4 months. Since then I live with my ideal weight and the same size, energy and appetite for life that I had at 20.

With health on the right track, it was time to tackle the job situation. However, my confidence in the labor market, recruitment processes and selection was low to say the least. Despite that I gave it a few valiant attempts which was completely in line with what I learned from the beginning. A job is something you get, others decide if you get it and then decide everything. You shouldn't set goals – what will be will be - and having big goals is just childish.

My last attempt as an employee looked pretty good and had some positive elements but at the end I realized that Einstein was right:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

At the end, it turned out that the best way restart my expat life was by starting my own digital business.

With the foundation laid for an expat life 2.0, I achieved 3 important benefits:

  • Freedom to decide where I work and when.
  • Possibility to set the income yourself.
  • Chance for spouses to have meaningful activity.

So if you have the ambition to give your expat life a new quality, you have the opportunity to start here and now.

You do it by clicking on the link next to this and then you get a free video series with my mentor.

There, he shows how you can start your own digital business entirely according to your terms and wishes.

Together with him, I look forward to welcome you to our global group and see you succeed as an entrepreneur.

And personally, I look forward to meet you somewhere in the world and play a round of golf.

Take care and take action and see you on the first tee.