About Me

How it all began and started to run…

My name is Mikael Nilsson, I am an entrepreneur and intrested in business, golf, health, travel and vehicles (airplanes, cars, trains and boats). Of these, travel is particularly significant and my journey begins in northern Sweden during the late 1960ths.

Born into a working-class family, I learned the traditional message: study hard and find a secure job with a high salary and good benefits. With my interests, my studies became technology and a degree as a high school engineer in electronics.

From my studies, I went on to telecom, which turned out to be the right place for a young man who wanted to travel and see the world. My career began in Sweden, continued across the Nordics and Europe to eventually cover the whole world and in total I have got assignments in 12 countries.

…led to my wake up call,…

In addition to traveling and seeing the world, the telecom job also offered a positive development of my salary. When my annual salary exceeded $ 100,000, I had reached an old goal and felt rich. As far as I knew, I had done everything right to be rich, but very soon I learned that it was far from the truth.

It was especially clear at the golf course where my golf buddies arrived in new Mercedes cars from high-class areas. I myself came driving in a ten-year-old Volvo from a middle-class area. Apparently I was missing something so I started to search for what it could be.

…understood what I had to do…

In my search I ended up in a bookstore where the answer just stood there in front of me on a shelf:

What the Rich teach their children about money, that the poor and middle class do not!

The answer was the subtitle of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. After reading it, I realized that with the move abroad, I had also moved into a new economic context. In other words, if I wanted to keep up I had to develop my mindset.

…achieved the new skills and mindset…

Rich Dad Poor Dad became the first in a series of books and exercises in Rich Dad's way of thinking and acting about money. At the same time, I studied at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, where I obtained a bachelor's degree in industrial economics and manufacturing and a master degree in applied logistics.

With new technical, financial and business skills, I was educationally ready to go out into the world again. It took though a lot of personal development to enter the new role as entrepreneur. Not least to overcome my low self-esteem and build the courage to go out and "sell myself" was a big challenge. In the end, however, I managed to accept myself as good enough, to dare to try and train and work according to the motto that "I either win or learn."

…and proceed along the new exciting way into the future!

Today I am an entrepreneur and guide people how to grow in business, career and life. There is a clear and strong collaboration between them. If you are feeling well, you can build and run a business that is also doing well. And if your business is doing well, it's easier for you to feel well.

The professional prosperity come from the personal growth you achieve when you learn skills to either build a successful business or proceed in your career. I am personally on an exciting journey and I would be very happy to share with you how you can do it too.

The personal prosperity come from physical and mental wellness as well as development of your mindset.I am on an exctiting journey I call My Way To New Wellness which started with a wake up call, proceeded with a series of changes in my lifestyle and today I am feeling better than ever.

What I have done and do I describe in more detail in various blog posts, videos and posts on social media. Now you have the chance to keep up and see how you can also increase the well-being for both you, your company and also in your career. Enter your name and email below so you do not risk missing when I post new material.

I look forward to welcome you and share my information. If I can do it, you can do it too and remember, It's all about growth in business and life!