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I am Mikael Nilsson, a Swedish engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for international life, flying, traveling, golf and health. These passions I have got different chances to live out and particularly when I was expat in 11 countries as telecom engineer.

As an expat you are in a situation similar to the one of a professional athletic:

  • You do it for a certain amount of time
  • You achieve unique and attractive competence
  • You make good money
  • If you manage the money well you will face a great financial future

I consider the expat years as the best period of my life when I experienced great fulfillment. For that reason and to fully achieve the benefits mentioned above, I had the intention to continue as expat for at least ten to fifteen years. But when I had just become up and running, the telecom business started to be shaky and crashed. With great sadness I had to move back to Sweden and accept that my expat life was over.

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However, in Sweden I studied and achieved a master degree in logistics from a well renowned technical institution. Just before the crash I had also experienced the “defining moment” regarding my thinking about money. These components triggered a process of learning, trials and errors.

In that process I came in touch with the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) which proved to be exactly what I had been looking for. With their tools, training, coaching and global community, I could start to build a business and create a fundament for a second expat life. I also found that they offer a great opportunity both for people who already are expats or have a passion and want to start their own business.

So if you are ready to take your first step on a very exciting journey,
you have a fantastic chance now to learn more with our free video training.
My communitymates and me wish you a warm welcome and look forward to work with you.

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