Happy New Year and all the best for 2018!

New Year’s Eve 2017 started in the best way with a powerwalk to the harbor in Kullavik. With fresh air in the lungs and new inspiration, it’s time for a summary of the year which became very eventful generally and very good for me and the family.

To set goals has really been something of a dark horse in my life, because from a very young age I have always been told “what will be will be”. The advice I got when I grew up was to get a job in a safe company with high salary and good benefits and then the employer and the government would take care of the rest. That thinking may have worked during the days of industrialism when people stayed in the same workplace throughout the entire professional time.

Unfortunately, I stayed with the “what will be will be” thinking despite working and living in 12 countries and moving about 30 times. That thinking I have chosen to call “the Doris Day syndrome” after her hit “Que sera sera”. Another syndrome I stayed with for long time was the “Paul Young Syndrome” – “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home” which was a good way to feel at home during short term assignments of 2-3 months.

In 2017, I reached a point when it was enough with rootlessness and to let others people control my life. Using the course Mästaren with Mikael Arndt and the Six Figure Mentors with Jay Kubassek, Stuart Ross and their team, I put several goals in place and started to work on achieving them.

One of the goals was to find the place where we feel comfortable and feel at home and, as we were moving to Gothenburg, we had reached that goal already last year. About the part of the city is we are still looking but we really like Kullavik, where we celebrate in 2018 with great confidence and enthusiasm.

With that enthusiasm, we want to wish all readers a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018!

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