Three activities to get positive energy

Three activities to get positive energy

Today it’s day 5 of the Perth and Video challenge and I am feeling great. Actually I am feeling so great so not even a row of negative news in the flow can make me feel bad. How come?

When I set up my goals for this challenge and the activities within health, personal and business, I knew that health and energy had to be my main focus initially. For long time I have done physical activities just sporadically and always managed to make up reasons for postponement. The consequence has become that my stomach has grown and my energy has gone down. I haven’t liked the guy I have met in the mirror and my energy has been terrible low. It has been like making a Boeing 747 takeoff powered by one Cessna 150 engine – a quite impossible combination.

But today I feel that everything has turned around. I have been filled with new and positive energy, the four engines are back in the 747 and all of it come down to three factors:

  • Meditation
  • Physical activity every day
  • Sleep before 2300 and wake up 0500.

In SFM and DEA with have the wonderful Dani Morrill and in her training from 20160518 is about to take back your power. Having done that meditation for three days I feel that I am mentally prepared to proceed with any challenge.

My physical activities started with a one hour powerwalk day one followed by three days with crosstraing due to bad weather. Today the weather was ok again so I took a powerwalk and breathed fresh air. Wonderful!

The bedtime has been a big issue for long time. I have got problems to say no and determine when enough is enough. But with the written goal that 2300 should be my bedtime, I have got into a good flow with time for reading and still got enough sleep before I wake up.

One more reason may be positive feelings and comments about my actions at the work. With nearly five months as Commercial and Supply Manager for Etanolix in St1, I start to have control of my position. The activities I perform every day I intend to pack as a service and offer on consulting basis to clients. That action is one of my planned activities within the Business area of my 90 days Perth challenge and now I am learning how to do that by reading the book Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson.

So if you feel tired and out of energy I recommend at the strongest to mediate, have a physical activity and schedule the bedtime to get enough sleep. For me it feels like I am a new man – already after 5 days!

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