Hello and welcome to mikael-nilsson.com, a page dedicated to online business and the excellent chances it can offer when you combine it with your passion and interest. I am Mikael Nilsson, a Swedish engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for golf, traveling and flying.  To continue reading…


On a daily basis, we are submitting blog posts in order to educate, inspire and entertain the readers as well as provide information about our activities. The topics are related to internet business and entrepreneurship but also expat life and recreation. continue reading.

SFM Review

If you`re looking for a proven online marketer with years of experience to reveal exactly what the SFM is all about, then you`ll be in for a total shock! I`m a complete Newbie to “Internet Marketing” (I started just a few months ago) I think you`ll want to take 5 minutes from your busy schedule to read exactly what I have to say… continue reading.


Besides the world class training and the great worldwide community, you will also have a row of tools making it smooth to build your internet business. With the tools, you will learn probably the most important trick to skyrocket your business. continue reading.

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